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I can't remember the last time a review went the Habs way

such a frustrating game to watch.  between the 2 disallowed goals there were so many chances to score where it looked like a sure goal and the puck hopped over a stick, was shot wide, or shot right into Dubnyk.

Also frustrating to watch Minn hemming the Habs in their own end most of the night.  When they would get possession in their own end they generally assisted Min in getting the possession back.

Finally - Price, Drouin and Weber out.  That's like 20+ mill right there.  Add in the 8.5 they haven't spent and you get the expected results on the ice

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16 hours ago, habby67 said:

If the refs are willing to admit they make mistakes then the NHL should allow for video review for penalties, up to a certain number, for game, to get it right...

NO to reviewing penalties. We don't need more delays in game play and even on second looks, there's going to be very little consistency in how things are called.

YES to fining or suspending refs for things like this... you make a very obvious blown call and the league should publicly penalize those who do this and keep a public record of how many times it's happening. At the end of every season, there should be a review of each official's actions and determination of why this is happening. Was the ref out of position? Was he calling something for or against a guy based on reputation alone? Do this repeatedly more than the average and you get fired.

We don't need reviews, we need accountability.

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