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On 15/08/2020 at 9:09 PM, BigTed3 said:

Not defending Rask in general, because he seems like he's got a temper and a bad attitude sometimes, but in this case, I don't blame him that much. Don Sweeney said today that no one on the team was surprised to hear he opted out and that they "were privy to information about this for much longer than the public or the media." So it sounds like this wasn't a last-minute decision. It sounds like Rask struggled with the idea of coming into the bubble in the first place and gave it a go and it wasn't for him. The guy doesn't need the money in all likelihood, so if he was having doubts, he probably decided to give it a try for his teammates. Can't blame a guy for deciding his family is more important to him, at least that's my take.

 I agree...I'm no fan of Rask but no one knows the extenuating circumstances in his decision ...it could be a difficult pregnancy , it could be fears of either him or his wife or family members about transferring covid , it really could be for a ton of reasons we don't know so he should get the benefit of the doubt .

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Some believe the Bruins core may be dismantled this off-season. Rumors are flying that Chara may retire rather than come back for another year of COVID-related uncertainty and Patrick Lalime suggested that Rask wouldn't be welcomed back by his teammates. Also hearing that if Rask didn't like the bubble, he probably won't be willing to play with higher COVID risk if next season is not in a bubble either. Krug is a UFA as well. So the Bruins will likely retain the likes of Bergeron and Marchand and Pastrnak, but the rest of the squad could be in for a bit of a reset, especially on the back end. Might help to open up the division for us, assuming we still have divisions next year.

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6 hours ago, CANADIENS27 said:

NHL.com.  Las Vegas forward Ryan Reaves will have a hearing for an illegal check to the head of Vancouver forward Tyler Motte at 16:27 of the second period.  Reaves was given a match penalty and Motte returned for the third period.  



Reaves will sit for one lousy game. 

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