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Interesting interview at RDS

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10 minutes ago, ramcharger440 said:

Looks like Serge Savard is disappointed with MB. Seems to regret the choice and it also sounds like Vincent Damphouse was a contender but he was going through some legal issues due to a divorce which hurt his shot. it is an interesting look into how we ended up with MB.

Serge Savard wasn't a terrible GM, but I lost all respect for him when he stated that the number one criteria when he was leading the committee looking for a new GM was that the candidate be Francophone. It showed he had no judgment and no will to find the most deserving person for the job. At the time, I would have been more excited about Bergevin than Damphousse, and I still have no interest in Vinny being the GM here. No experience, and if you watch his RDS commentary, he's also big on the whole grit and character issues. He's been on record stating he doesn't think a coach or GM needs to speak French, which is a plus, but I worry he's too old school to be current. I'd still prefer Trevor Timmins over either of Bergevin or Damphousse.

As an aside (and I've mentioned this before), someone just put up stats about NHL GM's and how something like 75% of them are former players and a lot of the rest are the sons of GM's. What's even more interesting is that if you look at the managers in other major professional sports leagues in North America, very few are former players and most are people with backgrounds in other areas like business. The point being that there's nothing about being a former player that translates to being a good GM or coach. Look at how miserably Gretzky failed. Up until his Duchene trade, Joe Sakic was doing an awful job. 90% of teams are going down the same routes of identifying coaching candidates. I'd love to see the Habs think outside the box and get someone who isn't a former player or a person with a previous link to the organization. Get someone fresh and different. That's how you push the envelope and stand out from the rest of the league.

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