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Reading Marc Bergevin's mind...


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Its been a season of conflicting statements, reports and rumours, which leads me to wonder:
What is really going on inside Marc Bergevin's head?

When I compare him to the worst (the margin getting increasingly slimmer all the time) GM in habs history - Houle - I remember a GM in tears when he was fired in 2000.  He said things like "I honestly thought i was making the team better" but he was clearly in so far over his head, he just didnt know what he was doing.

Fast forward to the present and, like Houle, MB inherited a talented team and has proceeded to destroy it, plummeting us to the depths of the league, just like Houle.  Unlike the latter, MB seems safe (for now) because it seems he wont be fired mid season like when Boivin turfed half his staff. 

But as I watch MB build a team like a child with attention-deficit-disorder I cant help but wonder if he's just way in over his head, like Houle, or if he's just so incredibly stubborn that even though its clear that the NHL has moved on from the type of roster he's built, he thinks he can somehow make it work.

Does he truly believe guys like Alzner and Schlemko are the answer? Does he truly believe we can be competitive with the centres we have?  Whats with his fetish for left wings??  

He's made some good moves over the years so I have a hard time believing he's actually as clueless as Houle was, but if the reason we're getting worse is that he's too stuborn to adapt thats even less excusible tbh.  At a certain point you felt bad for Houle. I have no such feelings for Bergevin. 


So have your say: is he just way in over his head? or is he just so stubborn he cant see he's building a boat to compete in a car race? 


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On trades and signings: stubborn. He was actually pretty good his first 2 or 3 years, and even the moves that didn't work out (eg. Briere) were reasonable gambles to take on skill players. After one bad season, he seemed to change directions and fall back to players with one or more of: grit, leadership, low-risk defensive style, etc. rather than skill.

On drafting & development: in over his head + stubborn. I don't think he knows what the problem is, but sticking with Lefebvre just seems stubborn / putting loyalty ahead of the needs of the team.

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