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Man, as much as trump is a lying idiot Joe ain't any better.  They are both assholes, just in different ways.  It's funny to see the continuing obsession with trump when he hasn't been president for how many months now?  There's plenty to talk about with the biden administration, you know the one that's in power right now.  The last two american elections have got to be some of the worst in American history for choices to vote for.  I remember when trump stopped being as available to the media as he had been and CNN and others were all over him.  Now the only time you here anything about the total lack of un-vetted questions for Joe is from fox News.  He can't handle on the spot questions at all, and rarely ever gives answers to any hard questions.

I've never been a trump fan.  I dont think I need to list all his shortcomings as a leader or even a human being as they are self evident if you just watch and listen.  I implore any biden lovers to watch old Joe with the same kind of scrutiny.  He's a bumbling moron who just plays whatever side he can to be in power.  Look at his history of the kind of laws he's backed. He was all for the tough on crime, war on drugs, and three strike laws that helped the u.s.a get to where it has with the largest prison population in the world.  I have no problem with locking up violent criminals and predators for a long time but there has been a ton of people (especially blacks) put in jail for drug offenses.  He also worked closely and was friends with pro segregationist Strom thurmond.

I dont trust or hold any stock in any politician.  Most are power and money hungry jerks that just want to put their mark on a society and will do and say anything to get the chance to do so.

Trump let right wing extremists off the hook, biden does the exact same thing with far left wing nuts (they do exist, just watch the kind of shit that has been allowed to happen on the west coast in Seattle and Portland).  With the dems in power now the USA has to watch for the further left of the party and the ties they have with certain communist leaders in the world like in Venezuela and Cuba.  

We need good solid leadership in all the western world that is based on reason, facts, and reality.  Sorry about jumping around in this rant, I just feel like we're in the beginning of something bad in Canada and the USA.  This hard swing between left and right is not healthy, I feel that it's actually getting dangerous.  Now it's all slogans, ideology, a dismissal of different point of views and really not much good honest debate.  I believe that most of us are still rational people but I've seen enough of the people around me swing hard one way or the other to cause real concern.


“It doesn’t matter whether or not they’re the victims of society,” Mr. Biden said in 1993, adding, “I don’t want to ask, ‘What made them do this?’ They must be taken off the street.”



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God, what a joke.  Comparing trump and his fans to Hitler and his SA is laughable.  America today and Germany back then are two different worlds.  The SA were a trained militia style group with leadership and organization that were only allowed to exist in the first place because Germany was in such chaos in the years following defeat in the great war.  There were armed divisions of many of the different political groups back then.   What you had in the states was a march on the capitol by a bunch of disorganized trump fanboys and extremists mixed in.  No way in hell is there anywhere in the west that's broken to the point of allowing anything close to the nazis rise again.  

That's the standard of today I guess, exaggerated claims by the media and their loyal followers eating it all up and spewing it back out.


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