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Rinat Valiev Recalled


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IMHO we should be playing Valiev, Reilly, Juulsen & Mete (if not injured) as much as we possibly can between now & game 82.  See what the heck we've got.  I still think we're missing a true top pairing guy but its entirely possible we have the other 5 spots covered.  Schlemko, Benn and Alzner bring absolutely nothing new to the roster - we know what we have & ideally we'll move on from 2 of them this summer. 

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On 3/3/2018 at 1:00 AM, Habberwacky said:

Would not be surprised to see Rychel up too if Patches is out for any length of time. So far the young guys have played well.

I think you should play Rychel and Valiev for the rest of the season, just to see what you have.  My preferred line up would be:

Drouin, Galchenyuk, Gallagher

-Chucky and Brendan have traditionally played well together, switching Galchenyuk with Drouin to their natural positions could pay off.

Hudon, Danault, Scherbak

-Good, young, speedy, second line.  I'd even be ok with putting Scherback on the top line with Douin and Chucky.  Switching the RW on your top 2 scoring lines.

Byron, Shaw, Lehkonen

-Shaw's actually 54% in the circle.  I'd prefer him in that centre role.  They might actually do surprisingly well.

Rychel/Deslauriers, Froese/Rychel, Carr

-I seem to recall Rychel playing some centre in junior.  Or at least being drafted as a centre.  But Froese is your 3rd strongest face-off guy.


Valiev, Petry

-Yes, MTL is that weak on the back-end that you throw Valiev out there with your top pairing guy, Jeff Petry.

Alzner, Juulsen

-Having a vet like Alzner on the back end with a speedier Juulsen can't hurt.  Again, this is how weak our back end is.

Reilly, Benn/Sclemko

-You could easily switch Valiev for Reilly and put Reilly on the top pairing.  Again, that's how shallow our d pool is.



-Can we please get this kid some starts?  I realize how well Niemi's playing, but Lindgren needs some more crease time.


-Niemi has experienced a resurgence since coming to MTL and being reunited with Stephane Waite.  It would lead me to explore trading Price at the draft and going with Niemi on a 1 or 2 year cost-effective deal.  He could be your veteran mentor to Lindgren/ #1B guy.

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