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Never saw him play a game for the Pens. He may have been dealing with an injury or he just didn't mesh with the team. Good on him turning it around. Maybe he'll catch on with somebody next season. I doubt we resign him with Charlie pretty much on a one way deal starting next season.

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Niemi had a lot of success with Waite in Chicago, so maybe the two of them just work well together. Maybe Niemi really just knew he was down to his last chance... who knows.

I think the better question is whether he gets a contract extension. I think you absolutely have to use Lindgren in the NHL next year. He's too good to leave languishing in the AHL with Lefebvre. That said, there's another expansion draft likely coming in 2020. And we're probably going to need a goalie to expose. So is it maybe a good move to offer Niemi a 2-year deal anyways? Minimal salary. Let him duke it out with Lindgren in camp. Or maybe you explore dealing Price, and Niemi is your veteran back-up to Lindgren. It's probably a low-risk move. If you cut him and someone claims him via waivers, then you're no worse off. And if not, you have him as a call-up in case of injury.

I also thought Lindgren would need to be exposed to waivers next year, but I've seen some people on twitter questioning whether that's true or not... so not sure whether he has one more year of being waiver-exempt. Unclear to me... that probably plays a factor too.

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2 hours ago, BigTed3 said:

maybe you explore dealing Price, and Niemi is your veteran back-up to Lindgren.

Dont think it will happen, with MB in the picture, but I think its the ideal move to be honest.  Trade Price, Weber and possibly Pacioretty & you could fill every hole on the roster. 

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