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ROUND #3 playoff discussion


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21 hours ago, BigTed3 said:

Ditto for me. Disappointed to see the Preds lose, but the Jets have been my 2nd-favorite in the playoffs all along and too bad two great, skilled teams had to play each other in round 2.

Vegas winning is a bit of a farce at this point, it just really makes the NHL look bad to show that you can take everyone's castoffs and build a team that's as good or better than everyone else. It shows that the salary cap has created a false sense of parity, whereby teams that draft and trade well don't get rewarded for that, because they end up having to give away assets they can't afford, and everyone else catches up. Good for Vegas for bringing excitement to that city, and the fans look like they've really embraced that team, but I don't really want an expansion team winning a Cup to be honest.

And in the East, Caps all the way... Ovechkin has been really good his whole career and never been able to see it through, and he's taken a lot of criticism despite the fact he himself has played well in the playoffs. I'd also love to see Eller win one, and they have good skill up and down the line-up. I like Jon Cooper in Tampa, and I have respect for players like Stamkos, Kucherov, Johnson, Hedman, etc., but prefer the Caps all in all.

Agree with this insight Ted and agree that the Caps look good to reach the final. Vegas... their success makes me really not like what our Habs have become under current management. I hope the Jets win for Canada.

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