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16 hours ago, habs1952 said:




You guys should take this private!

You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows


6 hours ago, archey said:

Some people are complaining that 100 bucks for voter insurance where I make sure their vote is counted correctly is not enough. Man..

how do you make sure??

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Caesar was NOT Alexander. The fire spread to the library and just one didn't resign then and there so and I still like the arabic tiles better than the western ones. Tough. Portugal will do in a pinch of course. Actually they are quite nice. LOL

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Rubber and water.. Yeah they expand..

OK so when you're on the rush and you have to elevate the puck can you please realize everyone is in the same situation? It's not make your mind blow up. Just do it..That's component 3 to being a good hockey player to my mind.

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