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Wed, Oct 3 7:00 PM ET Montreal @ Toronto SN, RDS


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 7:00 PM ET  Montreal (us)  @ Toronto (them)  SN, RDS

1ST GAME OF THE SEASON, SO, WE'RE ALL TIED UP. We're even tied for 1st place in the whole league, woo-hooooo :)

The Leafs are having a tailgate party prior to the game. It would be nice if we could spoil their party :)  .

Anyway, here's our line-ups for the game. 


Reilly - Petry
Mete - Juulsen
Alzner - Ouellet



 The bad guys.






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58 minutes ago, maas_art said:

Looks good Kinot!

Are those the confirmed lines? Im still wondering if we'll see  Drouin - JFK - Domi   rather than having him centre the 3rd line... 

That's the best I can find out. 


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27 minutes ago, jennifer_rocket said:

Indeed. Tough opening match-up. I have a feeling we'll get smashed, Price will continue his trend of poor performances (sub-900 save percentage), and Toronto will look like a contender.

Hey,,, we can always hope that Andersan pulls a groin in the 1st min., and Sparky comes in. :) 

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i always want the habs to win every game  ,but i see a 5-2  toronto win tonight :( to's, power play will be insane great  this year. if habs can not stay out of the box this game is over by the first period--hope i am dead wrong

price will have to be at this best tonight

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15 minutes ago, ramcharger440 said:

It's going to be a tough couple of games to start the year, but as long as we play some young guys and the team puts in the effort i will be ok with our rebuild retool or whatever you want to call it. i just don't want to see the Pleks Alzner Benn crowd too often!

Yeah, I'm pretty interested to see the TOI for tonight. If Julien gives minutes to the younger guys on D, I will be pleased. However, if I start seeing more minutes for Alzner, I am going to be sad.

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6 hours ago, BizarreReverend said:

Really hoping the Habs come out looking good and, I don't know, hungry. Even if they don't win, as long as they play like they care about winning.

i agree. 

I feel like - so far anyway - there's a better sense of care.  Last year was probably the hardest season Ive ever watched as a habs fan. They werent just bad, they were apathetic.  There was no hope for the future but now, I feel like there's at least a glimmer of something good in the works.

As for this game: i'll never predict a leafs win (even though we're well outmatched in a few areas) but I think its going to be very tough.   

Up front its not even close. even though our forward group is probably a bright spot, compared to their star power, we're in tough.  That said, we do have great depth so if our top couple of lines can somehow stymy the leafs' big guns, then maybe our 3rd and 4th lines can beat theirs. 

On the blue line we're probably not that far off. With Weber we're probably better, without  - and assuming we ice our 6 best, not 6 highest paid - we might hold our own.

So it all comes down to - as it will most nights this season i think - goaltending.   Can Price bounce back?    Im holding out hope the answer is yes because if not, its going to be a very long season. 

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that ends Karl's iron man streak....and that's a lot of money to be sitting up in the press box for a healthy scratch.  He's gonna want out or maybe a buy out?  Benn over Karl....we need our Captain back soon because choosing a leprechaun over Karrrrrrl is just ridiculous and yes I know Karrrrrl is useless as well.

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4 minutes ago, Sashaband said:

that ends Karl's iron man streak....

I do sort of feel bad for him but he is pretty terrible.  I do question whether he's better or worse than Benn but Benn's big plus is that he plays the right side and Oulette is a better option at 3rd LD than either of them. 

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