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8 hours ago, kinot-2 said:

Thanks habby67, and you're right, but apparently for "some" members, insurance of a win ends at their wallets.  :P

True story from last night:

 After Armia scored at the 16:09 mark of the 2nd period, my wife (whom I "thought" knew more about hockey), turned and asked me that if the Wings didn't score, then would Carey would get a shutout? I said "What?", she repeated it, and I said that we don't say that word. She then said (kinda arrogantly, I thought  :P ), that "I don't belong to the forums", and then Mantha scored. I told her that I blame her for that.  


Obviously you failed as a husband to explain the rules to her. That's on you! 

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24 minutes ago, habby67 said:

The arena was quite the sight to see wasn't it Kinot?

Yea, it's beautifull, love the large screen, even tho we could only see the bottom 1/2 due to the gondola obstructing our view. Prices were well, pricey. $5.25 for 1 bottle of water. Lots of Habs fans there  :) . Getting out of there proved more difficult that I hoped. Lots of closed off streets made us go somewhere else. Ended up just following what I thought were fans and voila,,,, made it back on track :). We were at the Bluewater Bridge at 11:30. Habs fans there too. Home at 1. :) . Seen a guy being arrested, and a panhandler bothering us at the window, and he had a brown spot running down the seat of his pants :lol: . 





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