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Habs Re-sign Armia

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22 minutes ago, ahmedou said:

Sounds right. The deal is right. At the right time. This signing was right. Renewing his contract is right. He's a right player. All these together are right. Nothing to complain about.

You're right about that. :P


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18 minutes ago, jennifer_rocket said:

I'd be willing to take a gamble on Lehkonen and go higher cap hit, longer term. But that's just me!

me too, although i could honestly see him being an attractive trade piece if necessary. I dont think Julien or MB want to lose him but i could see teams asking if we're putting together a package for a LD. 

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1 hour ago, kinot-2 said:

You're right about that. :P

You're right too :D

3 hours ago, jennifer_rocket said:

Sounds about right. I am content with this signing! :D

Who'll be against that announcement? Nobody right? 

3 hours ago, maas_art said:

Took the words out of my mouth. Good term, good $$. Seems fair. 

Even, if he got into the arbitration mode. It didn't change anything... It seems like every part is okay with it. The player himself. The management themselves. The fans themselves also. 

3 hours ago, habsisme said:

Its okay. Anyway, the cap space is needed AFTER the 2 years so its really completely safe

Nothing to worry about. He'll cost us only positivities than negativities. He worths this amount.

2 hours ago, H_T_L said:

Reasonable deal, seeing as we're not buying up any of his UFA years. I expected between 2 and 2.5 so that's close. 

$100 000 more... That hurts the cap space :D

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