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Hockey analysts Nick Kypreos, Doug Maclean leaving Sportsnet

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geez ...I won't miss Kypreos a bit ...I found him rather bullish with the mike at times and often he would pull the  I -played- in -the -NHL card on Elliotte if they disagreed on air …Friedman  is a class act and that's probably why he's staying with a bigger role ...hey wish him luck anyway but won't miss him at all especially

in the trade deadline newsbreak drama -fest 

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Kypreos really wasn't that insightful or knowledgable ... he once called Tyler Bozak a 1C, throws out the whole "I played in the NHL" mantra all the time .. you know, the guy who averaged 44gp a season and 5g5a per ... he was a fringe player who made the NHL in an era where the only skill he brought was being a goon.  There's a reason he went undrafted.    And he's yet another of those Leafs boosters who have a job on Canadian TV ... 

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Nick Kypreos on Ovechkin's goal scoring ability :  

          "Well, c'mon... look: if you just charge to the net ten or twelve times per game, chances are that eventually you'll score a goal."

Nick Kypreos on how to stop teams Tanking :

         "The top picks should go to the teams with the best record from the trade deadline to the end of the season"   (three guesses who had the best record after the trade deadline that year)



I mean they could literally replace him with a cabbage and we'd be none the wiser.

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