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Your Worst Christmas Gift That You Received.


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I got to thinking about previous Christmases, and my thoughts went back to my childhood.

My worst gift that I received came when I about 8-9 years old. It was called a "Magnagector". You plugged it in and it had a light bulb inside that when you p-laced the Magangector over a pic or a document and it would enlarge it onto a screen or wall. That's all it did, nothing else. It ranked 1st,,,,just ahead of the Marco Polo book I got. 

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Mine isn't so much what I got bit what I didn't get LOL. 

It was my son's second Christmas and at the time we didn't have a lot of money so we had to do all our shopping in the last few weeks before Christmas. We got everyone done before Christmas eve except gifts from my wife to me and vise versa and the stocking stuffers and we were headed to my dad's for the night. I was rushing and hurrying my wife cause the weather was getting bad and I ended up making her forget to buy something for me. To this day she still feels bad about it but it was totally my own fault and it didn't really have any affect on our Christmas as everyone still enjoyed the holliday. 

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