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2 hours ago, kinot-2 said:

TSN radio is talking to Pierre McGuire and he's suggesting that the Habs are stockpiling picks to possibly move up in the draft. 

LOL, I swear that's what every analyst ever says whenever a team has a few extra mid round picks. EDIT: I don't mean that sound snarky. But... I guess it's just annoying that the media is already starting the 'Lafreniere/get your hopes up thing' already.

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15 minutes ago, mysideofthemirror said:

Still 13 minutes plus extra time for some more moves?  Right? Maybe?

So as long as the deal is submitted before 3pm eastern, it can still go through.

If a bunch are submitted right at the end, they often arent announced for a while - sometimes even for up to an hour. Its fairly unlikely anything else is going to come in from us but id give it a little time, you never know. 

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On 2020-02-20 at 8:11 PM, H_T_L said:

I find it hard to believe any team in a playoff position would be targeting Weise, Weal or Cousins,,, so i'd put those numbers closer to 0.


On 2020-02-20 at 8:32 PM, BigTed3 said:

There are other GM's like Bergevin who value grit and if you can get a 4th liner for a mid-round daft pick whereby you pay them very little salary and don't give up much trade capital, they see it as a free acquisition. Look at what Bergevin did the one time his team was in playoff mode... Dwight King? The guy couldn't even skate and we gave up a 4th rounder. Steve Ott? Nesterov? Martinsen? Those guys are worse than the ones we might ship out.

Looks like there's not as many dumb GM's out there ( like MB ) as we thought.

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4 minutes ago, BigTed3 said:

Still waiting on the news of another potential trade from Habs, according to Lebrun. Everyone seems to think it's Cousins.

You'd have to think that if there was something major then we would know by now.  

I actually kind of am sad to see Cousins go.  Julien overused him but i didnt mind him as a 4th liner.  Would have preferred to move Weal or Weise but i guess no one would pay for them... 

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4 hours ago, mysideofthemirror said:

John Lu

#Habs Kovalchuk said that Bergevin got better offers from teams other than #Capitals, so he very much appreciated MB asking him about going to Washington.

Wow, such an adept GM.  Glad we're on Kovalchuk's good side, I'm sure that's worth a lot down the road.

What happened to "If you want loyalty, buy a dog"?

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