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Habs vs Leafs tuneup game


How far will we go in the playoffs?  

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  1. 1. How many rounds will the Habs play?

    • Playin round only
    • We'll advance to round 1
    • Round 2
    • Eastern finals
    • Cup Finals

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  • H_T_L pinned this topic

I voted cup finals - not because I think its likely but simply because i never bet against my team. lol.

In reality, Id like the team to destroy Toronto in this meaningless game and then lose the series to pittsburgh, hopefully in a fashion that shows promise for the future (Ie JK and Suzuki are beasts etc) or, even better, one that totally exploits our weakness at LD so that MB cant ignore it any longer (not that he should have to this point).

Then, we draft either 1ova or 9th.  I can live with that.

If we DO manage to beat the pens, as we all know, our best draft position is then 16th, so I want us to win at least 2 more series.  I believe at that point (if we lose in the qf) then we still pick 16th?  (someone correct me if im wrong), so if we win round 1, im all in, because we're already not picking lower than 16th so who cares.    

I think its highly unlikely we can make it to final 4 or something, but I do think there's a legit chance we catch the pens napping & sneak this series out from under them.

After the last 7-8 years of futility it will be just our luck to: beat the pens, lose in round 2 (16th overall pick) and watch Toronto lose in the play in & get 1st overall. 

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16 hours ago, H_T_L said:

Unfortunately i think we'll get by the Penguins, only to be knocked out in the 1st round by the top seed. Worst case scenario, but MB will tout it as a success no doubt.:rolleyes:.

I feel like if we beat the pens we have a decent chance in round 1 and maybe 2.  I cant see us going much further but who knows. Its a weird year/playoff/situation. 

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Alex Belzile IN, Cale Fleury IN

Lavoie: Carey Price should be in net for the entire game but it’s possible Charlie Lindgren will see some minutes .

Belzile will be forward #13
Fleury, Ouellet and Mete will share about the same icetime on the third pairing.

Domi will start at center with Weise and weal as his wingers.



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