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Game 3 Pittsburgh vs Montreal

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1 hour ago, H_T_L said:

Goes without saying,,,,,,, swing game.

For sure. WInner of this game wins the series most likely. 


38 minutes ago, 26NCounting said:

4-1 Pit...... Drives me insane saying that and certainly hope I am wrong.

Its all going to come down to Julien imho.  If he lets Sullivan beat him (as he did for most of last game) we will likely lose unless Carey figures out how to score goals as well as stop them. 

If we get the matches we want and exploit the weaknesses in their lineup, we could still win this thing. 

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21 minutes ago, kinot-2 said:

From what I've been hearing today, CJ will/might be making some line-up changes for tonight's game. The D should stay the same. 

Ya. He said its a "game time decision" likely to not give more info than necessary to the Pens but I assume he already knows who is playing. 

That said, the D staying the same is a problem for me.  Id like Weal and/or Weise out but can live with better line combos up front. On the D i think its crucial to get Mete back to his proper position which would be easiest by replacing Ouellet with Juulsen or Fleury. 

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52 minutes ago, kinot-2 said:

From somewhere else:

"Looks like habs release 4 min video from this morning practice. You can see 13 forwards including poehling and evans and 7 d-men including folin."


I can see Evans or Poehling drawing in (and honestly why not? neither can be worse than weise and weal and both could use some experience)....


... as for folin... id rather keep ouellet and mete with one of them on their off side tbh.

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