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Tues. Habs vs Sens


How close is Julien on the brink of being canned?  

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  1. 1. How much more rope does CJ have?

    • We'll win, so he's safe for awhile.
    • This is the breaking point. Lose tonight and he's done.
    • He'll need to lose at least a couple more before he's fired
    • MB won't can him this season regardless. He'll just print new T-Shirts.
    • Molson will step in and fire them both. HaHaHa

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1 minute ago, kinot-2 said:

My bad. Gally also said that the league prepares a vid of goal crease interference and Gally stated that there were some vids of exactly the same as what happened tonight. 

This bush league still can't get it right. That's what happens when you put non thinking slugs in a position of power. Maybe just get rid of video review altogether! There's just as much controversy.

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Wow, stopped watching after the terrible 1st period, but it looks like the boys found a way to get back into the game.

Lights-out saves by Price, but also two weak goals (at least). It's becoming a bit of a pattern... maybe it's really time to give Allen more games.

No idea how you disallow Gallagher's goal but okay, it's NHL officiating. I've stopped trying to make sense of it a while ago and I'm pretty sure the goal stands had it been the other way around. Murray had eons to get back up and in position, he clearly didn't intend to.

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First time here! After yesterday lost I wanted to vent my thoughts! Sorry I'm a french canadian but I think you guys will understand what I want to say.

Seriously I've lost all interest of watching hockey games this year.
It's not just about the Habs. In every games there are some strange decision made by the refs or the league. At first it was subtle but now it's just pretty obvious. The league literally decide who win and who lose.

Now about the Habs.... Julien really need to go. We made the playoff one time with him in 2017 against the Rangers (out in 6) and I'm not counting the Covid cup because we were 22nd in the league. His decision are STUPID. Stop rolling your lines all equal when it's 4-4 with 2 minutes to go. Just put your best players on the ice!
And the shoutout.... Ottawa bring their 3 young players in Tkachuk, Stuztle and Norris. And Julien with the old Perry.... when Suzuki and Anderson had an amazing game!

And now about Price. He need to go too. He is 33 soon to be 34. He is inconsistent as f**k. He can make the save of the year and then 2min later just let the worst ever shot get in.
We need those 10 millions for a player or two. Not a goalie. 

I would have said that Thursday is a big test against the Jets but I think we failed all of our test already :P

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