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I understand the call, I think it's reasonable to say that was contact on the goalie, BUT at the same time, we've seen more contact reviewed and called good goal AND Zub's butt helps to direct Perry in. As Patrick Lalime said on TVA, if Zub isn't there, Perry doesn't end up touching the goalie. Just inconsistency again with previous calls is what's upsetting.

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Just now, H_T_L said:

We get a good goal count when somebody hits our goalies glove and they friggen disallow that??? OMG.

That's the problem. Not this call in isolation. But if you're calling this interference, then we should have had an extra 5 calls go our way this year that didn't.

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Just now, southernhabfan said:

Refs have been bad,,,IMHO...the ;last several years or so

Didn't like the too many men call.

Didn't like the icing call when Anderson clearly won the race despite the linesman being in his way.

Didn't like the non-calls when Ottawa kept holding our sticks.

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