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Montreal vs Toronto. Game 1 Thursday May 20 7:30pm ET

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20 minutes ago, kinot-2 said:

We all knew that Byron has speed, but after re-watching his goal, he gained at least 12-15 feet on the D-man. 

The toronto media would have you believe that their D is good but its really not.  Its a decent, slightly middle of the road corps but Reilly is not the greatest in his own end & really all of them are prone to mistakes.   Its miles better than it has been but still not close to TB, Carolina, Nash etc. 

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1 hour ago, arpem-can said:

Got to give it to Eric Staal tonight ...he was engaged , he hit and was totally unlike the player we've seen so far ....

For sure. Best game he's played in a Habs jersey. Could 've had 2 assists if Anderson would have buried the first one. Both were excellent passes. So does he play the next game, or do they rest him?

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1 hour ago, campabee82 said:

Hate to see any player go down to injury and certainly hope JT is ok. 

Oh man, couldn't catch the game and just saw the replay. I genuinely feel bad for JT, hopefully it's nothing serious but it looks like Perry accidentally got him pretty good.

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