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Republicans are already trying pin the entire blame for the Afghanistan on Biden.  While he deserves blame for this, Republicans are conveniently forgetting Afghanistan is ungovernable and the central government will only last as long as we are keeping it propped up.  Trump made the mistake of establishing a deadline for a withdrawal.  History has also shown when someone makes the mistake of announcing when they are planning to leave, the Afghans have a way of saying goodbye.  We are seeing that unfold once again.  



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Vancouver Sun:

"Liberal platform on housing cites flipping as a source of rising housing prices."

The Liberal candidate in the riding of Vancouver Granville has flipped more than 20 properties after less than a year of ownership since 2005, which has critics pointing to contradictions between his actions and the Liberal platform on housing.

According to British Columbia's assessment records, Taleeb Noormohamed has sold 41 properties since 2005 — 21 of them after less than a year of ownership — making $4.9 million in the process.

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6 hours ago, kinot-2 said:

How is it that we are having 2 French debates and only 1 English debate, when while 56% of Canadians speak English, and only 21% of Canadians speak French? 

8 times as many words of English as French.

Who knows. C'mon

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