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2021 IIHF Womens World Championship


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The women's hockey championship is beginning today on TSN. Our Canadian women go at it tonight a 6 est. against the Finnish women. 

Personally, I love watching them, but the again, I'm a hockey nut.  :)


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2 hours ago, CzechHab said:

I had no idea such a thing exists :). And the Czech team is there, too. And they won first match, amazing. Still... I don't like women's hockey... It seems boring... 

I like it,,,,seems exciting to me.

4-3 late in the 3rd. :)

5-3 with an MT netter. :freu1:

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2 hours ago, Larry-Launstein-Jr said:

Kinot-2: my niece played women's college hockey and did very well. She finished up her collegiate career at the University of Maine. She played women's pro hockey for a while.

Love how there are more programs for women's hockey. :)


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15 minutes ago, RCAF48 said:

I watched the Canada - Finland game and immediately noticed a similarity to a NHL game...................the caliber of refereeing.:)


They must be graduates of the Bettman School of Game Management.

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3 hours ago, CzechHab said:

Congrats... But I'm not sure I could enjoy a such a one-sided game. SOG 62-7 is insane:)

The 1st ROC goalie (the one that was pulled) was named the player of the game for ROC. 

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