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Sami Niku


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26 minutes ago, maas_art said:

I said when we acquired him: he's an NHL defensman. That im sure of.  But then, so are all of our guys. The problem is that aside from Petry and maybe Edmundson, none are locks as top 3.  Guys like Chairot or Savard are fine as #4s with a strong partner but while we have 7 NHL-caliber Dmen we need someone to step up beyond that #4-6 position.

Im not sure Niku can be that guy but imho only he and Romanov have a chance of still developing.  No one else on our current roster is going to suddenly make the jump to a quality top 3 guy - you know what you've got with those other guys. 

Agreed with your point about Niku and about the lack of top 3 D men. But I'll disagree on Edmundson. As well as he played in the playoffs, he's a supporting-cast player who relied on Petry to put up good possession numbers last year. When split apart from Petry, he wasn't nearly as good. So the fact that we're considering him a top 3 option is telling about how bad our D corps is. On a decent team, Edmundson is a #4-5 D man. That we only have one D man clearly better than him is a huge problem, but IMO, we're missing two top 3 D men on our roster. MB's belief that Edmundson, Chiarot, and Savard are top 4 guys along with Petry is hurting us badly.

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