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Mon Jan 17 - did anyone get a little bit of snow today ?

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They did predict and unpredictable winter across Canada, thats for sure.   We had a good amount of snow out in BC for a couple of weeks & then nothing for the last 10 days. feels like spring out here - this is usually our most snowy month.  So odd. 

Be careful & stay safe out there people. 


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24 minutes ago, habs1952 said:

My snowblower is rebelling!!

LOL,,, so did mine. I've got one of those electric jobs that can handle a foot easy enough, but this dumping was almost another foot above it. 

We haven't had to take out the shovel at all this winter until this dumping. Looks like they saved it all for this one big one.

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Done . Driveway is now cleared with the help of neighbour’s snowblower . The snow plow really messed things up by plowing another 2 + feet of snow at the end of the driveway .


tomorrow  will work on shovelling out the snow that blocked the side door 🚪 that will be a challenge finding somewhere to shovel it 

roads aren’t cleared in my area , so better stay off the roads until they get cleared . Lots of people are stuck . 


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Took out the recycling and garbage out, seen the snow on the car, passed it by and came back in. Maybe tomorrow I'll clean it off. No shovelling in an apt. building. :)

Life is good. 

When we lived in the sticks,we had a 90' double wide cement driveway and a 10 HP, snowblower, that could eat anything. :)

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