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Your quarter season grades


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Copy and paste below


J. Anderson-

J. Armia-

C. Caufield-

K. Dach-

E. Dadonov-

J. Drouin-

C. Dvorak-

J. Evans-

B. Gallagher-

M. Hoffman-

S. Monahan-

M. Pezzetta-

J. Slafkovsky-

N. Suzuki-


J. Edmundson-

C. Guhle-

J. Harris-

J. Kovacevik-

M. Matheson-

D. Savard-

C. Wideman-

A Xhekaj-


J. Allen-

S. Montembeault-

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J. Anderson- C+ 

J. Armia- C- not a lot of games but showing some life the last couple

C. Caufield- A++

K. Dach- A+

E. Dadonov- D other than the PK pretty much invisible

J. Drouin- D+ another disappointment

C. Dvorak- B

J. Evans- B

B. Gallagher- B-

M. Hoffman- C

S. Monahan- A

M. Pezzetta- C

J. Slafkovsky- C+ not hurting us as he learns the pro game

N. Suzuki- A+++


J. Edmundson- B-

C. Guhle- A-

J. Harris- B

J. Kovacevik- B

M. Matheson- C+ expecting a lot more moving forward. Still looks rusty

D. Savard- B

C. Wideman- C-

A Xhekaj- A-


J. Allen- B great start but tailing off of late

S. Montembeault- B+ getting it done this year so far

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J. Anderson-C

J. Armia       -no grade

C. Caufield   -A+

K. Dach         -A

E. Dadonov   -D

J. Drouin       -D

C. Dvorak      -B

J. Evans        -B

B. Gallagher -C+

M. Hoffman -C

S. Monahan -A

M. Pezzetta -no grade

J. Slafkovsky-C

N. Suzuki       -A+


J. Edmundson-no grade

K. Guhle          -A+

J. Harris-         -A

J. Kovacevik   -A

M. Matheson  -no grade

D. Savard         -B

C. Wideman    -C

A Xhekaj          -A


J. Allen             -B

S. Montembeault-A

Martin St. Louis  -A+

I based my ratings on what each player was expected to bring to the team. I didn't rate a couple, because I need a bigger sample on them. Very surprising grades,  but very happy to give them. The future looks bright!!!

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My rankings are also not meant to be a determination of skill or worth, but of how a player is doing in the role he's been given.


J. Anderson- B-... some decent games but not consistent and has one basic way of playing and that's it.

J. Armia- C... he's done alright, but he's playing like a good 4th liner or average 3rd liner.

C. Caufield- A+... he's doing what he's supposed to do to perfection.

K. Dach- A+... very strong start for the kid.

E. Dadonov- D-... decent possession numbers but poor overall play. He's looked slow and can't finish. The only reason he's not an F is that there's been some improvement lately.

J. Drouin- C-... he's done well at the transition game, but his production has been lacking.

C. Dvorak- C-... many games where he's been invisible.

J. Evans- D... sure he's on the 4th line, but his play has fallen off this year regardless.

B. Gallagher- B... the production could be better, but he's skating and shooting better than last year and he's playing hard.

M. Hoffman- C... production has picked up but too many boneheaded plays to go with the good ones.

S. Monahan- A... our best player not on the 1st line.

M. Pezzetta- C-... good energy but not having much impact overall.

J. Slafkovsky- C... he has a lot to work on still, looks raw and in need of coaching. I still think he'd be best off in Laval.

N. Suzuki- A+... playing great hockey.


J. Edmundson- F... yeah, he was injured. No that doesn't explain how badly he's played on its own.

K. Guhle- B-... some nice skill individually but not a ton of success on the ice. His pairing has been hemmed in a lot, but I suspect that has more to do with his partner than his own play.

J. Harris- B+... was our best D man for the first dozen games. Hitting a rougher patch since he and Kovacevic got split up, but he's been great at the transition game and excellent defensively at breaking up odd-man rushes.

J. Kovacevic- B+... one of the strongest possession players on the team, playing solid all-around.

M. Matheson- D... still too early to evaluate in full, but thus far there have been more miscues than good plays.

D. Savard- D... has improved a bit in the past two weeks, but overall he's hurting us when he's out there more than he helps. We are constantly being outshot and outchances with him on the ice, which doesn't say much for a supposed defensive defenceman.

C. Wideman- C-... he's been okay at ES but not great on the PP, which is where he's supposed to help us.

A Xhekaj- B... a nice surprise to start the year. Keeping it simple and playing his game.


J. Allen- D... a few great games and a few duds. Not consistent enough to be a starter so far.

S. Montembeault- A... some rebound control issues persist but overall he has been stellar. The biggest surprise of the year to me to date and probably the biggest reason we're fighting for a playoff spot right now instead of lottery odds.


MSL- A... I like his philosophy and his emphasis on skill. Would like to see more from special teams.

Hughes: A... we're seeing dividends from his decisions. The Monahan trade is looking like a gem. The Dach trade is looking like a gem (though I still have reservations about giving up the 13th pick, the end product of Romanov for Dach was a strong move). Matheson for Petry is probably going to end up being a win in the long run. Kovacevic has been a nice claim, and playing the rookies on D has been a strong move too. Still not sold on Slafkovsky over picking a center or D man, but some of the later picks are looking really strong so far (Beck and Hutson especially).

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Copy and paste below


J. Anderson-  B

J. Armia-  C

C. Caufield-  A

K. Dach-   A

E. Dadonov- C

J. Drouin- D

C. Dvorak-  B

J. Evans-  B

B. Gallagher-  C

M. Hoffman-  C

S. Monahan- A

M. Pezzetta- C

J. Slafkovsky-  C

N. Suzuki- A


J. Edmundson- B

C. Guhle- A

J. Harris-  A

J. Kovacevik-  A

M. Matheson-  A

D. Savard-  B

C. Wideman-  C

A Xhekaj-  A


J. Allen- C

S. Montembeault- A


Our backend has been great surprise. If Wideman was a regular we would be in trouble\ Recency bias has me not liking Gallagher's play  Slafkovski is playing much softer so I am not sure what else an 18 year old should be doing but I think he can play better. Other disappointments up front are Drouin, Hoffman, and Armia, although Armia should get going soon and is worth the wait. If we can peak Mont Embault we may surprise .I  would be playing the hot hand all yea with these two goalies.

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J. Anderson- B-

J. Armia- C-

C. Caufield- A

K. Dach- A

E. Dadonov- D

J. Drouin- C-

C. Dvorak- C+

J. Evans- D 

B. Gallagher- C

M. Hoffman- C

S. Monahan- B

M. Pezzetta- D

J. Slafkovsky- C-

N. Suzuki- A+


J. Edmundson- C+

C. Guhle- B-

J. Harris- C

J. Kovacevik- C

M. Matheson- C+

D. Savard- B

C. Wideman- C-

A Xhekaj- C 


J. Allen- C

S. Montembeault- B+


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J. Anderson- B

J. Armia- C

C. Caufield A

K. Dach- A

E. Dadonov- D

J. Drouin- C

C. Dvorak- C

J. Evans- C

B. Gallagher- B

M. Hoffman- C

S. Monahan- A

M. Pezzetta- C

J. Slafkovsky- C

N. Suzuki- A


J. Edmundson- C

C. Guhle- B

J. Harris- B

J. Kovacevik- B

M. Matheson- C

D. Savard- B

C. Wideman- D

A Xhekaj- A


J. Allen- B

S. Montembeault- A

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I will take a crack at this


J. Anderson- B  Plays the prototypical North South Power game - Maybe a bit unlucky but IMO needs to finish around the net and put himnself in better shooting positions

J. Armia- C- I'm a little disappointed in Armia's play knowing what he has shown in the past. Has looked lacklustre to me at times

C. Caufield- A+ dynamic scorer and continuous threat including shootouts

K. Dach- A has blended in very well

E. Dadonov- D - probably the most disappointing player in our lineup

J. Drouin- C when he did play, showed some playmaking skills but so injury prone

C. Dvorak- C+ has flashes but too sporadic for my liking. 

J. Evans- C has adequately filled the 4th line centre role

B. Gallagher- B is putting himself in shooting lanes, the ref whining has decreased, and has similarity to his previous compete and skating levels. Not his fault that he is overpaid and on too much term

M. Hoffman- C+ He is who I thought he was. Good shooter, lacks some passing vision, weak defensively

S. Monahan- A One of the more pleasant 1st quarter surprises. Competes, skates, passes well and showing his veteran knowledge

M. Pezzetta- C- Neither a power forward, nor a tough impose his will player. Another tweener who simply finishes his checks. Tries hard and good compete level but simply lacking any noticeable skills in any area. Easily replaced

J. Slafkovsky- C Have to go easy on the rookie. Falls down too much for my liking, Does not control the puck with Jagr type size. Puts himself in vulnerable hitting positions and gets knocked all over the place. Really needs to improve strength on his skates. Appears to have a reasonable shot but needs to get himself in time and space.

N. Suzuki- A+ Has shown some slick hands, excellent vsion, fantastic choice as Captain


J. Edmundson- C Not enough of a sample size to be fair but for the games I have seen, not much net presence or physicality. Skating has been only moderate.

C. Guhle- B+ For a D+2 (Draft year plus 2 years), to be able to survive and perform well on mostly the top pairing against top opposition for most of the quarter has been impressive. Brings some good physicality and offensive rush capabilities. His future looks bright. 

J. Harris- B For a D+4 has benefitted from playing down in the lineup with better D partners.. Solid steady player and has made good outlet passes.

J. Kovacevik- B  Great waiver claim. Haven't seen massive mistakes from him

M. Matheson- C Too small a sample size. Has not looked good defensively so far but that is not his strenght but needs more balance 

D. Savard- B+ I thought he would be worse TBH. Has done what is asked in blocking shots and playing large minutes on top pair. Not sure what more should be expected from his skill set

C. Wideman- C- I only see one dimensional ability in Wideman. Easily replaced in the future. 

A Xhekaj- B (borderline)  A real surprise but still takes some unnecessary penalties. Competes well. Gets caught out of position on offensive cycles too much for my liking


J. Allen- B-  Faces a lot of shots, has up and down games and can be erratic

S. Montembeault- B+ Hs cleaned up a lot of weaknesses in his game that I saw last year

Coaching - MSL has handled the lineup card fairly well, and very forthright in the media without throwing any players under the bus.


Disappointing efforts and team results so far. Other than Anthony Richard, not sure there is anyone that is strongly impressing for a call-up. Barron improving on PP so far as is Ylonen. Thought we would be higher up in the AHL division. Norlinder and Mysak struggling.

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Copy and paste below


J. Anderson- C  not bad but not great either

J. Armia- D Not doing much out there!

C. Caufield- A+ Wow so much fun to watch and his attitude is awesome!

K. Dach- A one of the best pickups in some time he compliments CC and Nick perfectly!

E. Dadonov- C- he is trying but he just seems to be done.

J. Drouin- F waste of a roster spot has been for years don't know why I am sure he tries but it is just over for him here.

C. Dvorak- B good solid player nothing special just a good solid center.

J. Evans- D pretty much no production at all! what gives?

B. Gallagher- C trying really hard just not getting it done

M. Hoffman- C he has been better hope it gives us a chance to move him for pretty much anything! I would rather see a kid develop!

S. Monahan- B+ another great pickup he will either be a great trade piece or he could be kept if he wants to take a fair contract, he is a very good center and not too old.

M. Pezzetta- C glad he is getting some play he seems to be a good guy.

J. Slafkovsky- C leveled out a bit lately might be a good time to let him go to Laval and light it up

N. Suzuki- A+ Wow! the guy is elite he pretty much does it all and gee it looks like it is not that hard to be captain either!


J. Edmundson- C_ not up to speed yet but he will get there I just want us to move him asap because he seem to be fragile!

C. Guhle- B kid is great and I personally think he will end up as a first pairing player he is playing great for such a young player.

J. Harris- B another great player different style to Guhle which is great I think this kid is going to be great as well!

J. Kovacevik- B- a huge surprise for me this year I really like him and he is a great addition to our D and really helped us take an extra step with his solid play!

M. Matheson- C just got back and you can see he is going to be great once he comes up to speed a true good quality D man to replace Petry.

D. Savard- B Doing his best and frankly he is better than last season and that was with an insane work load for a player like him with a bunch of rookies too good on him!

C. Wideman- D was good security for us but I would move on let more kids get a taste.

A Xhekaj- B probably the biggest revelation! we all knew he was tough but wow he can really play in fact with a bit of work he should have a pretty good career!


J. Allen- C overworked he just can't play as often as we really need him to but he sure does try!

S. Montembeault- A happy for this kid he really seems to have worked on things and he is playing just great! I hope he can keep it up!

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IMHO... other than Caulfield, Suzuki and Dach, who at this point, I would give an "A" and players like Drouin, Pitlick, Pezetta that are simply non-factors... the rest are all "C" with the exception of disappointment in the play of  Edmundson, Wideman on defense at "D"

and  Montembeault has been the better Goalie ranking "B+", whereas Allen has been good and bad at "C-"

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14 hours ago, Habs_Hockey_Nutz said:

IMHO... other than Caulfield, Suzuki and Dach, who at this point, I would give an "A" and players like Drouin, Pitlick, Pezetta that are simply non-factors... the rest are all "C" with the exception of disappointment in the play of  Edmundson, Wideman on defense at "D"

and  Montembeault has been the better Goalie ranking "B+", whereas Allen has been good and bad at "C-"


7 hours ago, jennifer_rocket said:

Nick Suzuki, Cole Caulfield, and Kirby Dach all gets As from me. Been nice having a top line! B) I also think all the rookie defenders deserve some credit, too.

We expected Nick Suzuki & Cole Caufield to continue playing at a high level, and they are not disappointing. Did anyone really expect the 4 rookie D and Monahan & Dach, to be playing as well as they are? Gotta be A's, because you have to believe, that the previous regime would have ruined these guys. You'd have your Sloths manning the blueline! These 8 players, and Monty, are huge reasons this team is playing as well as it has up to the quarter turn. Also, kudos to MSL & HUGO!!!! You have to give credit, where credit is due. Is it sustainable?  We'll see at the half turn......

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