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The Underachievers


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So this season has been pretty fun so far lots of kids making a splash as rookies but boy there are a lot of guys who are invisible too! and most of them are veteran players. The list is long so in order who do you guy's think are the worst offenders? You can rank them any way you want it could be performance or performance vs cap hit or it could be the fact they are pretty much never in the lineup as they are hurt all the time! Looking at you Drouin! One has to wonder if these shirt fillers were not here and we even had some of the kids up from Laval or a couple of waiver pickups if the team would be more balanced!

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3 hours ago, jennifer_rocket said:

I honestly thought Dadonov would be putting up more points. He's on pace for less than 20 points. He's only a few seasons removed from putting up 70 with the Florida Panthers.

the only 2 words that come to mind when i look at dadanov is "hot mess."  That said, we got him as a salary dump from vegas so it is what it is. Gives us nice cap flexibility in the future & this year only helps the tank.

These are some of the names I think have underacheived - or actually havent but are in the discussion most likely:

Hoffman - started the season horribly but has actually been ok the last bit.  Still not a guy that id love on this roster & if we can dump him by TD, im all over it.

Dadanov - as mentioned: hot mess.  UFA this summer. Likely has no value, it is what it is.

Dvorak - has been ok. Defensively has been strong. Offensively id like more points from him. Underachieved a bit. 

Evans - has not been good most nights.  There were times last year it looked like he could be a 3rd liner, but he sure looks like a career 4th liner at this point.

Armia - has been brutal. 2 points in 16 games... yikes. He has shown he can be a game changer but nothing is going right for him this year so far.

Anderson - So inconsistent.  Some nights he's unstoppable, most nights he's unnoticeable.  Disappointing so far even though his goal totals arent horrible.

Douin - i almost cant call him a disappointment at this stage.  He's arguably our 3rd or 4th most 'skilled' forward but im not even sure he should be playing hockey anymore.

Edmundson - Definitely a disappointment but as many pointed out at the time, he probably looked better because of his partner & he's lost a step so this is not surprising. 


We have other players who arent world beaters (Pitlick, Pezz, Savard, Wideman) although to be honest, none of them have really been below expectations.  We didnt expect Savard to suddenly become Weber. But most of them have done an admirable job playing in situations well above where their skills should have them playing. 

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This in itself is not a measure of how well I think these players are playing, it is my opinion on whether they are playing under the expectations I personally had for them:

- Dadonov is probably the biggest disappointment for me. I didn't expect him to be the next Tatar coming over from Vegas, but I would have liked him to be closer. I've been most disappointed by how slow a skater he is and how many times he's fumbled the puck in the O zone. He's shown zero offensive instinct despite getting offensive opportunity.

- Edmundson can use the late start excuse all he wants, but it's been pretty clear to me he was being carried by Jeff Petry the past couple of years (something I've said the data showed all along). Now I 100% believe he is a great leader in the locker room and that his value goes up in the playoffs when the game is played a different way, but nevertheless he's been below par and a guy who is actively hurting us by taking ice time away from younger players.

- Evans showed flashes of not only being solid defensively but having some offensive flair and being a tough forechecker to play against. He was particularly good when paired with Lehkonen in the past. So maybe his linemates don't match up with him all that well this year and maybe he'd be better if the Habs called up an RHP to play his style of game a bit more, but regardless, not sure we can call this season anything but a regression for Evans.

- Pitlick is a guy I've never loved. I've thought he was overrated the entire time and that his unsustainable shooting percentage predicted a big regression. So I'm not surprised he's one come back down to earth and two found it harder to get ice with more guys ahead of him on the depth chart. But even then, he's been worse than I thought he would be. He's not really scoring at all and to boot, he's made a ton of bad/lazy turnovers. Don't see a future here for him and I don't like that he was recalled ahead of players like Richard, Ylonen, or RHP.

- Dvorak is another guy who we keep waiting to see more from and who doesn't deliver. We know he has some skill and the thought was that he could play a similar role to Danault, with maybe a bit less defensive prowess but better offensive touch. Instead we've seen less offensive production than what Danault was giving us (and is giving LA). I'd still have preferred to keep Kotkaniemi (despite his bad season himself, he's younger) or even better yet, have kept the draft picks.

- Allen was supposed to be the starter and he got his contract extension and then he's been regularly outplayed by journeyman Sam Montembeault. An .896 save percentage doesn't cut it as a back-up never mind a 1A.

The other guys (Drouin, Armia, Anderson, Hoffman, Savard) one might consider have largely played as I thought they would, so I can't pretend to be surprised or claim they're under-achieving.

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Anderson is one dimensional ... I actually thought we should have gotten more in that trade, but meh.    Anderson's only value is speed and size.  Creatively he's bad, his ability to get open is all based on his speed ... if he doesn't out skate you, he's not going to be open for a shot.     His vision on the ice is terrible, so he's not going to setup others.     He is what he is, but he's definitely not a top 6 forward in my opinion.

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4 hours ago, BigTed3 said:

 I'd still have preferred to keep Kotkaniemi (despite his bad season himself, he's younger) or even better yet, have kept the draft picks.

😂 so we can add him

to the severely underachieving list 😂

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I understand the Anderson disappointment from some, but... I don't think he's underachieving. I think this is exactly what he is/has been. Someone who will probably get around 20 goals. Not going to get many assists. He's someone I think Hughes should trade as soon as a good offer comes along. Nothing against Josh, but I don't see him as part of our future competitive window.

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