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The first team to get bounced from 2023 Playoffs. Did Rick Bowness speak the truth by ripping into his players for having no sense of pride, pushback saying he saw this in January and February? See his post game inteview. Siad Las Vegas Players simply better than the jets. He was hired Jul 1/22 on a 3 year contract so just completed 1 year. I would be surprised if he's let go so soon, and would think there will be some roster shakeup before the coach is gone.

The short summary - PLD or Dubois for $6M is a very questionable resigning - that character is a big concern. Perhaps Schiefele too

So in evaluating the jets cap space and roster composition for 2023-24 there's some real trouble here;

Cap room for current roster $12.137,143 but add back Kyle Capbianco = $12.9M for 9 forwards, 5D, 2G (of which their backup is AHL Salminen at $855K - 35 Moose games - 3.06 GA)

So let;s look at who they sign;

1) Qualify PLD at $6M 2) Bridge F Morgan Barron - $1.2M 3) Bridge either of LHD Logan Stanley or Dylan Samberg at $1.2M 4) Hope RHD Lundmark is a 7th D at $850K 5) Hope F - Torgesson is ready to make the jump to the roster at $867.5K - that's $80.7M for 12F, 7D and 2G - leaves $2.8M for 2 more forwards if you aspire to 23 man roster.

The conclusions are pretty obvious to this "Captain"

a) This roster as constructed is virtually same old same old - no susbstantial improvement

b) Dubois's market value is impaired after this performance. Could be a very risky proposition for the Habs to give up much value to sign him to any form of longer value term contract. 

c) The Jets will have probably the 19th overall pick. Their prospect pool is not bad. Could that pick be in play for a heartier player - Josh Anderson or  similar

Other questions - are RHD Pionk or DeMelo in the sin bin area?

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1 hour ago, claremont said:

Dubois for $6M is a very questionable resigning - that character is a big concern

In my opinion, star players are paid the big bucks for expectations during the playoffs.

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^^ There are huge red flags all over PLD. From his visibly giving up mid-game in Columbus to his departure there to his supposed wishes to force a trade off a second team to his coach calling him (and others) out for failing to show up when it matters... without knowing him, he really sounds like a child in terms of his behaviors. If we think certain players, especially homegrown Quebecers, have had their troubles with the fans, media, and coaches here for being inconsistent and having perceived lack of effort, I can tell you now that PLD isn't going to fly here. I really think signing him to a long-term deal here would be a giant mistake. I would not give up assets for this player in a trade and I would not sign him to a longterm deal without knowing how he can handle himself in the Montreal environment and pressure. If he wants to come here in a year's time on a 2-3 year deal for a 7-7.5M AAV, I'd think about it. It's a pass for me on trading for him this summer and a pass for me on signing him to a 6-8 year deal in a year too.

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