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What are you listening to RIGHT NOW!!!


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Guest Hoser
The best of the Smithereens and the latest Hank Williams III CD, which has the following lyrics:

Well, I was rollin' by myself, went down to Memphis, Tennessee

And I was lookin' for a guy who had a mullet and no teeth

And I was trippin' on some acid a Latino gave to me

Hey, I was smokin' morphine 'til it knocked me off my feet

Then I scored some "H" from my old Uncle Pete

Now I'm startin' to feel like I might've ODed

On an overdose of drugs, overdose of sin

I'm gonna live it to the fullest like I'm on ten

And I love gettin' high - hate bein' low

And I like to drive my truck down a muddy dirt road[/quote:57eb9e7672]

Oh yea, we totally can't tell your from Buffalo :wink:

Boston - More than a Feeling

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stevefrombuffalo wrote:

Oh yea, we totally can't tell your from Buffalo

Hoser, I don't know if you were implying that I must like country and western if I'm from Buffalo, but I'm not much of a country fan (right now I have Megadeth, Los Lobos, and Howlin' Wolf in the player); however, Hank III is such an unpredictable, loose cannon that I really like him. When he goes on stage, you never know if he's going to do a set that his grandfather might have done or if he's going to be supported by A**jack, his Black Flag-influenced punk backing band. He's constantly railing against his record company (he once sold t-shirts on his website that graphically expressed his hatred for Curb Records) and modern country music in general - he's never boring. What can I say? The people I like the most tend to be "unconventional".

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