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What are you listening to RIGHT NOW!!!


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see thats where i think your wrong, the raw production of it gives it the exta oomph. And i agree weezer was amazing in the 90s :/ sad what happend.

It lacked oomph due to the fact they did not have a producer... Even the greatest bands have had producers. Some people are good at writing songs, some people are good at making them better (such as producers).

Nirvana's "Nevermind" wouldn't have been such a strong album without the master work of Butch Vig. He did the same thing for the Pumpkins... Their Siamese Dreams album took the world by storm (produced by Butch Vig). Gish (smashing pumpkins 1st album), was good (NOT PRODUCED BY BUTCH VIG), but siamese has that extra touch, which launched em to stardom.

Producers are not necessarily there to change the sound... But to take a bands greatest asset and make it bigger and better.

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I know Haha the thing is depending on the album i like different production. My favorite of all time band is the beach boys, they were lucky and i think you know why Bri Wil, Neverminds production was too clean for that style of band. Thats why I prefer Bleach and In utero over nevermind. But I agree, the production matters a lot. And i think the rawness of the music along with rivers making it his most personal album lyrically. Just made it an amazing experience when ever i listen to it. But then again we all have different tastes. And i enjoy talkign music with you. (:

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