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Guest RockMtl

All my fellow posters have good and valid points. I guess we can see that being a Captain, may not be all that easy. Performance on the ice would be important - but I think an all around leadership has to come into consideration - on the ice and also important - off the ice. Hey, if you had a player who was great on the ice but got himself in trouble off the ice, the players in the room may have less respect, I would think. So being a captain is a total package. Hard work, dedicated on ice and a respected member of scoiety off the ice. I don't want to repeat myself too much but I think that's what Saku brings to the team.

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Too many times, teams go with their top point getter as captain, passing on true leaders. Jagr comes to mind as a typical example.

Some of our best captains were nowhere close to being top point getters. Savard, Gainey, Carbonneau, just to name a few, were unbeleivable captains for this team.

Qualities needed, IMO... leadership on and off the ice, excellent work ethics, will do anything for the team, has the respect of the players and coaches on the team. When one of the captains mentioned above stood-up to speak in the dressing room, players listened.


But to get back on topic, the player I have no respect for is Tie Domi. Off the ice? Don Cherry. :wink:

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Guest awesome_guy

I hate Forsberg, a lot of people call him tough, but its tough to call someone so injury prone so tough, and i think he's overrated, and i think he's a girl when he plays

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Guest Habs24Champions

bruins grrrrrrrrrrrr thinking thwey had one on us but no more we got them good burn the dang team burn burn burn :evil: :twisted: :evil: :twisted: :evil:

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Guest Lafleurfan2

Habs 4 life are we allowed to pick announcers? If so I dislike all devil announcers ken dankeyo , chico resch

But the announcer I dislike the most he is most annonying would be Mike Emerick ( Dock to you people)

another person forgive I don't know if he count's is Gary Thorn he use to announce for the Devils he's now an announcer for the Baltimore Orioles. it's to bad that he left the greatest game for the 2nd best game and a team that has dificulties making the playoffs. He should have stayed a Devils announcer he is more intresting

than Dock.

Habs I like your choice Betman him putting hockey in warm areas and taking them away from Quebec , Hartford and Winnipeg showed that he's an idiot. there are some but not a lot of hockey fans in lower

state and New York city , Boston and Chicago what does he think there's going to be hockey fans in

Phoenix , Tampa bay and Nashvile. Just because it works in Baseball adding city's doesn't mean it will in hockey.

Habs 4 life Im not sure how many we were allowed to pick so I picked 3.

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