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Pick Your 3 Shooters


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he doesnt have the stick handling IMO.  While he put an awesome one in against Toronto, dont expect goalies to not be ready for that in the future

Well if not Souray then I would go with Samsonov. Souray has the ability to beat a goalie with his shot though so he doesn't have to have great stickhandling.

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1. Perezhogin

2. Plekanec

3. Latendresse/Higgins.

The Answer and Pleks are both have great shots, especailly Pleks backhand. Latendresse I would like to see in a shootout, and higgins should be fairly consistent.

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My top 3 would be :

1. Kovalev. Did anyone of you remember him trying the same deke twice? That guy just got unlimited offensive talent.

2. Ryder but only if he shoot! NO DEKE PLEASE!

3. Koivu He has shown lately that he can put them in.

I would try Bonk one of these day, he got soft hand and he put some nifty move from time to time.

(BTW that move from pleki vs boston last game was slick.)

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Guest habfreak

this may be off topic..but can we consider Abby taking all the shoot outs as Huet seems to be struggling in that department? Since there are no shoot outs in the playoffs...it shouldn't bother Huet. and Abby can warm up during the OT with Niinima throwing tennis balls at him :D

BTW...my 3 shooters...27/11/15 and then...32/73/21/44/42

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