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Pick Your 3 Shooters


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Guest HABSrockmyboat

i would go with perezhogin first

kovalev second

ribeiro third

if none of those and it had to keep on going

i would go in this order

koivu, bulis,zednik,ryder,plekanec,higgins,bonk,begin,markov,souray,bouillon,rivet,down

y,dandy, komisarek,

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Guest eclipse33


Perezhogin or Koivu


As much as I love Ryder as a player...the shootout is not his thing....I have seen him go 0-3 this year (and that is just games I have seen)

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Kovalev can destroy goalies

Higgins can snipe

Zedder can snipe and sometimes deek out the goalie...[/quote:0cf53015ed]

Yeah thats what I'm talking about 8)[/quote:0cf53015ed]

Agree with both of you 100% 8)

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Guest CanadianMike

Not sure, but I can tell you that RYDER would not be in my top 3 picks.....not even in my top 10. :shock: :wink:

...and of course ZEDNIK would be one of my 3 shooters. 8)

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Gawd! Everyone's got Kovy down and he missed the darn net last time. But i'd still make him one of mine. Zeddy would be good as long as he didn't lose the puck off his stick. :D










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Kovalev is a cinch. He's the best puck-handler on the team and his wrist shot is crazy fast and accurate.

Dagenais may have limited value to the team, but so far, he's the king of shootouts.

Koivu can deke well and use his shiftiness to force the goalie to commit.

If it's still tied, I go with:

Bulis. Let him ride this hot streak. The guy has figured out how to finish his plays.

Perezhogin. All he needs is a few good bounces to get his confidence going.

Zednik. Could really do some damage without having to fend off a big defenceman while driving to the net.

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