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Coke or Pepsi?


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Guest thefooligan5

I think some very very rich people who have made their millions walking over the lives of the unfortunate are very elated over the fact that there is a debate over what 'sugar'water' is better .. either way people are making millions off of us idiots who are paying them to kill us with sugar (which is almost equivalent to heroin in its addictive properties)

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Neither , I work for a competitor .


PS : DIET products use aspartame ...do a goodle on " aspartame "[/quote:06cb2c505d]

:roll: :roll: :D already heard all about it. I bought the WRONG pop one day and she gave me a lecture on aspartame.

Neve rmade that mistake again

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Guest Hardcorehabsfan
Coke!! I can't stand Pepsi[/quote:38b3a7e7c5]

i highly doubt it..u like 1 and hate the other, 10 buck says u lose the pepsi challenge

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Guest Habsy1

Diet Pepsi

I don't see what the big deal is about aspartame. I quick google search as the previous poster mentioned shows that possible debated effects of aspartame include brain tumours, lymphona, heart disease, etc. So the question is, would I rather have that or end up fat with diabetes because of the massive calories and sugar in regular cola?

But it seems like every week we hear something in the news like "could cause cancer..." or could lead to whatever. What are we supposed to do? Lock ourselves in a room our whole lives and live on a staple of water and bread? The way I see it, you gotta go someday. Something's going to get me sooner or later. In the meantime, I'll drink Diet Pepsi if I want to...

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