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Coke or Pepsi?


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Diet Coke is awful, Diet Pepsi tastes like Pepsi, so not surprising.

But Coke Zero is a much better diet Coke, it's just a sugar free version of normal Coke, whereas Diet Coke is a different recipe. Diet Cherry Coke is also good.

Graeme you and I have the exact same taste and reasoning for soft drinks. :P

I wouldn't say I absolutely hate Diet Coke, as if there is nothing else I will drink it however more often I would rather water. That said I love Diet Pepsi and keep Coke Zero as a second choice if Diet Pepsi isn't available. I only drink diet or sugar free soft drinks mind you, be it Root Beer, Mountain Dew or Pepsi. Too many empty carbs in regular soft drinks for my liking.

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Pepsi and Coke tastes SO different (for real) but i'm a soft drink freak so don't mind me. Buth goes, sometime i buy pepsi or sometime i buy coke depending on what i feel like drinking. Coke wins most of the time tho.

There is nothing worst than Diet Pepsi. I would drink diet coke any day before even looking at that nasty diet pepsi can. The real question is ''Diet Pepsi or RC'' because they are on the same level to me.

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Coke is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better then that rat pee known as Pepsi.

Coca-Cola is my favourite drink bar none even better then Beer.

Pepsi is crap.


For those who say that Pepsi has better adds I submit the following.

I just saw this old Coke Commercial on youtube featuring our Montreal Canadiens check it out with some other great Coke Ads.

GTA style Coke Ad

Giant Stewie

Coke Avatar

Christmas Truck

World Cup Rivals

Polar bears


Mean Joe Green

Max Hedrom

Blue Jays Worl Series


There is much More.

Coke Rules!

Coke is for Leaf fans........

Pepsi and the Has all the way !!!!

Really then please explain to me why Coke and Coke brand soft drinks are sold at the Bell Centre?

And while the Habs where playing at the Montreal Forum that was a Coke building as well.

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