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Big Mike Commodore, gotta love 'em.


He's still a flame in your heart? :D , really nice =) [/quote:095aab2eaf]

Haha, yeah he'll always be remebered as a Flame for me. The Calgary Red went so much better with his hair.

EDIT- Here's another Mike Sig. There was a perfect hair pic I had to use.

Which one looks better?



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Guest habsFREAK27

oh god the cooommmmoddore sig is so FUNNY loll, very nice woo! omg...haha!

megg the sig is great! <3 krisss ;-), as for the wallpaper they look better in brown then when you do bleu blanc rouge colors! the effects fit more

As for me I did a lot of stuff these days...recent>old

wallpaper of prongy, both were made simple for my desktop, I alternated but loving the white one more ...



Kovalev & Modano, testing out, dumb me saved it low quality tsk!



And markkanen! I put it in my display since his game 3 and look at him flying in front of his net! :D


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Guest Twenty Two
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