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Guest No1_netminder_BDIV91

Franz Ferdinand-This fire...in my pants! HOLY SMOKES. haha, get it, fire, smoke, hahahah....i'll stop now

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Guest spankydriscoll

oh dear.

Dashboard Confessional - Hands Down in my pants

LOL ! or another dashboard song

So Long in my pants

My Superhero - It's a better day in my pants

Mr Bungle - Squeeze Me Macaroni in my pants

Internation Noise Conspiracy - Capitalism stole my virginity in my pants

Less Than Jake - Let Her Go in my pants

Kevin Devine - Ballgame in my pants (haha straight dirty)

Bombs Over Providence - All the good guys are dead and im twisting my moustache in my pants

yes, that's really a song. lol

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Guest WhabS

Madonna - Holllywood in my pants

Eminem - Puke in my pants

Massari - Be easy in my pants

DMX - Ain't no sunshine in my pants

Rupee - Do the damn things in my pants

P. Diddy (and others) - I need a girl in my pants (<--- lol)

K-Maro - Une femme like you in my pants (A woman like you in my pants)

Fat Joe - What's luv in my pants

Hard Target - One of these days in my pants

Swollen Members - Watch this in my pants

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Guest habsFREAK27

lmao yours are so funny whabs!

edit: I forgopt to participate!

The lawyer - I wanna MMMM in my pants

Rage against the machines - calm like a bomb in my pants (what da? lol)

tools ft iba - Sexy cherry in my pants

lil jon twista trick daddy - Let's go in my pants

twisted sisters- I wanna rock in my pants

Ac/dc - you shook me all night long in my pants

cascada - every time we touch in my pants LMAO :D

franz ferdinand - this fire in my pants (ouch haha)

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Guest 60islove

BEP - Pump it in my pants

Nick Lachey - What's left of me in my pants

Billy Talent - Beach Balls in my pants

Blink - All the small things in my pants

Britney Spears - I got that (Boom Boom) in my pants

Ciara - Ooh Baby in my pants

DJ Tiesto ft Paul Van Dyk - Rendez-vous in my pants

Sean Paul ft DMX - here comes the boom in my pants

Franz Ferdinand - Bang Bang in my pants

HIM - Join me in my pants

Kanye ft Twista - Slow Jam in my pants

Lola Ray - She's a tiger in my pants

Mandy Moore - It's gonna be love in my pants

Missy Eliott - Lose control in my pants

Over it - Things you never knew existed in my pants

Pharell ft Gwen Stefani - Can i have it like that in my pants

8) did i mention i love this game?

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Nelly Furtado and Timbaland - Promiscuous girl in my pants

Method Man and Busta - Whats happening in my pants

Daniel Powter - Bad day in my pants

James Blunt - I really want you in my pants

Metallica - Nothing else matters in my pants.

Nickelback - Animals in my pants

Nickelback - Feelin way too damn good in my pants

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Make you feel better in my pants

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Guest Lucho

lol you can come up with some weird things sometimes...

Billy More - Up & Down in my pants

Max-A-Million - Hey Fatboy in my pants (??)

Village People - YMCA in my pants (??)

Voodoo & Serano - Blood Is Pumping in my pants

Daddy Yankee - Lo Que Paso Paso in my pants

Kevin Lyttle - Tempted To Touch in my pants

Shaggy ft.Olivia - Wild Tonight in my pants

ok thats enough :?

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Guest iheartthehabs

Madonna-Get Together In My Pants

RHCP-Road Trippin' In My Pants

Raconteurs-Steady As She Goes In My Pants

Green Day-Having A Blast In My Pants

The Used-Buried Myself Alive In My Pants

Boys Night Out-Medicating In My Pants

Jamiroquai-Virtual Insanity In My Pants

Panic! At The Disco-Time To Dance In My Pants

Death Cab For Cutie-A Lack Of Color In My Pants

REM-Losing My Religion In My Pants

Oh man this is awesome!!!!

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